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there are many needs the state has state has to take care of. it's on us. that is why the tension right now. >> saying there are no plan b, just plan a.>> bart board has bn criticized for staying silent on negotiations we caught wupt director told us the board hasn't been in negotiations since june. >> i believe we have not been doing enough. you know sni was elected to serve the people. you know? it doesn't mean very to take labor or management sides. so i understand the tactic. you know? but i don't necessarily agree. >> union leaders asked members to get more involved in the negotiate prog ses they made that plea in a special meeting in oakland just this morning. >> tonight one state senator considering a law to make transit strikes illegal. our team coverage continue nouz with cornell bernard live at the pleasant hill bart station. cornell? >> some frustrated bart riders saying tonight there ought to be a law keeping both sides at the negotiations table wout option of a strike. you know, other states have it and a state senator says it's about time california did, too. if there is a str
're able to send us pictures we'd appreciate that. >> since we're at the top of the skmour have new viewers joining us welcome to abc 7 news at 5:00 this is live continuing coverage of a fire that started more than an hour ago in solano county in fairfield. worst damage is on marigold drive we've seen five homes go up in flames, several others threatened starting with what appears to be a benign grass fire. unfortunately the winds carried some flames and firefighters had a heck of a time trying to get control of this thing because just as soon as they appear to have one area controlled the fire jumped to another either home or tree. every time you see a whoosh of smoke you're seeing either a construction so at this point i can "guess nobody knows what started this fire. >> it started as a vegetation fire. according to a police spokesperson 3030 block have been ordered to evacuate. streets have been closed there. 3,000 block of north texas has been evacuate asked shut down. and evacuees have been told to go to fairfield high school, that is the staging area for folks who have been affected b
true this will be a night for vigilance. >> this shot just blew us away. that is the shark tank in san jose. take a look at the next picture from east way. check out the port of oakland. a fewer mailed thus shot from san francisco district to us at you reports. look at the cluster of bolts right there. we're expecting more tonight and would thereof see more at you report or share images with us and on twitter. >> check us out there. great pictures. strikes are what is keeping red flag warning in affect certain parts of the bay area. awc 7 news sandhya patel is here now with live doppler 7 hd. >> we have our own radar. let's check it out.?71 just watching fog here, taking a wider perspective you'll notice we're seeing strikes and looks like over 600 strikes showing up about 166 miles away from san francisco. you can see here we do have a red flag warning for the north bay mountains and valleys. until wednesday at 5:00 p.m. that could spark fires but is that doesn't mean you won't see lightning in other parts of the bay area. i'll let you know when we'll get back to normal here. >> a ju
with proposals. unions are expected to give us a statement. a spokesperson says they're pleased the governor is willing to go to court because it's the only way to guarantee there will be no strike looming over the heads of bay area commuters. negotiations again continuing we'll hear from the unions shortly and will have for you tonight at can 6:00. in oakland abc 7 news. >> join us monday torning to see how threat sim pacting monday morning commute. a look at traffic and transit along with the rest of the morning news at 4:00 a.m. monday. >> as we put together several resources for to you turn to. you can down load our exclusive waze traffic app to help you navigate around tie ups and for developments on contract negotiations and commute, follow us on twitter. >> what may be a grim development in the search for a missing bay area woman. sandra coke has been missing and this afternoon investigators found a body near vacaville. we do not know if sit san drai dra atment th moment. >> this street is cherry glenn road. just off of interstate 80 across the highway from lagoon valley park. just do
the back was low to the ground traveling across the bridge. sources with knowledge of the probe told us the air springs somehow deflated. the manager of a garage that services limousines emplained what likely happened when the balloons failed. >> these are air springs. so in other words they carry weight on the car. when one ruptured the whole car drops down. so the car with the weight bounced down too hardenedded up hitting the gas tank in this spot, here. might have hit the gas tank then, you can see when hitting the ground creates a spark. >> the spark likely ignited the fire. one chp discovered what caused this fire the agency began an investigation to see if anyone was negligent. they focused on the driver. sources tell us the chp decided there was no evidence to press criminal charges against the two men. then suddenly brown's estranged wife sate two argued on his cell phone before the fire as he was driving. >> i'm sure he could have saved them. you know? >> hernandez broen brown charged her husband was not paying attention. her interview surfaced investigators renud a probe of f
's is swlau to look forward to. another live shot for us over towards san mateo bridge we do see a 30 minute commute heading into hayward your eastbound commute will be headlights and could take a look at the waze app if you're traveling along highway 1 we have heavy traffic reported in half moon bay. buz at the desk. >> want to take you now to the thick of the traffic. driving in the area it and looks mighty slow there. my goodness that is northbound. that was just -- . >> cheryl it's horrible. it's horrible out here, your get away drive is stop and go as soon as you walk out of the office in san francisco. it's been bad here it's taking me an hour to get from wald yes tunnel. swlai to look forward to is a mess a one exit connector that connects highway 580 to go over richmond bridge. you know, we're doing morning drive this morning talking about how rela live of tiffly light it was this morning. i'm wondering what happened during the day here? it's a mess now. >> all right. thank you very much for that update. and we feel for you out there. now, caltrans says work on the new span is going, and a look at real-time traffic maps, and you can also follow us on twitter for breaking news updates. >>> to help accommodate b.a.r.t. passengers if there's a strike, the san lee andre main library will provide a designated seating area and work space with free wi-fi. people are invited to use the area to telecommute. the work space will be available tomorrow and tuesday from 80:00 in the morning to 5:00'm in the carp room. >> we will continue to monitor the negotiations and have live updates at 6:00 and 11:00. and stay with abc7 news the moment they go on strike or a deal is reached, we'll let now know. join us for live coverage tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 with the morning news anchors, and traffic reporter. >> abc news has learned the federal government is boosting security measures at airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs after a credible terrorism threat. the san francisco police department says they're aware of the state department's terror alert status. police say they're monitoring various areas of the city and will determine if additional resou
. >> let's check on how traffic is moving right now. in the traffic center we have the latest for us. >> it's looking better very to say. thinks moving as we take to it our maps right now i want to show you what the drive is looking like. it's looking red. however, back towards the maze you can see folks starting to breathe a sigh of relief. you can see traffic is now starting to open wide up so before just gridlock. stack cars, and we're still going to be at about a 45 minute drive into san francisco. so it's not as good as people like it to be but better than earlier today. let's go back to our maps if we can. it's now cleared northbound along highway 856789 all lanes reopened. use 2:30. back to you. >> thank you. we want to show you that scene now. on highway 85 in cupertino. all lanes closed. one car flipped over. one person taken to the hospital zchp has been letting cars go by slowly when they continue to clear deeb brie here. >> at least bart was running today a strike would have madeee because of a last minute order by governor brown. he wants a seven day investigation which could l
. >> nudging is more important to us. than tiivl safety and well beig of our students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus. this was a tragic accident. >> the driver works for preston pipelines a company that is handling that project. the driver worked as an operating engineer 35 years. classes are not in session so students are still hear registering and there are a lot of people on campus today. right now, san jose police and cal osha are investigating. live in san jose, abc 7 news. a plea from family of a 1-year-old boy and father who were killed in oakland2bnç last week. the 20-year-old and his son fwhr a bedroom of a home. someone fired into the building. they were visiting from fresno today family members called for peace urging friends not to retaliate with violence. they asked anyone with information to contact oakland police immediately. a plea from the family of a 1-year-old boy and his father killed in oakland last week. the 20-year-old and his son were in a bedroom of a home when they were killed. now, we move on a man arrested last night has led fleece his girlfriend's
government responds to claims it used chemical weapons against civilians. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >>> on edge and stressed out trying to figure out what's going on, where the fire is. >> a raging wildfire spreading fear with more people wondering if they have to evacuate. raging flames, rough terrain and today crews on the front lines face another obstacle. good evening. let's get right to the wildfire. rim fire in yosemite grew to 200 square miles bigger than the city of san jose. flames threaten buildings including homes already being destroyed. crews are making little progress with containment now at just 7%. this is now the 15th largest wildfire in california's history. winds are a big problem today for crews fighting the rim fire. abc 7 news meteorologist leigh leigh glaser has more. >> you can get a sense, you see that fuzzy area. that's where the smoke plume is. very large. affecting even south lake tahoe, but you can see some of the convection right there. that is because of the heat of that fire. it just makes its o
that could leave thousands stranded. the talks have not been face to face. a mediator used to present the proposal to both sides. >> process is working well. there is no advantage or disadvantage to sitting across the table from someone if make prog gres and talking. >> key sticking points 18 local 19 asking for a 10% rise. management is offering 9% over three years. but a dispute of benefits. >> it's not a raise.fir7y jed miller says management's [?yy management wants workers to pay 0% of the costs of the medical package, $120 every two weeks, it would be phased in over three years. currently members don't pay into their plans at all.. >> the medical payments will eat up the raise. >> caught in the middle? commuter autos they get into our transportation. >> among severely impacted alameda residents like anthony louis, legally blind relies on bart for transportation. >> it snuck up on everybody. bart strike was taking precedence. >> when bart wofrkers went on strike in july, ac transit kept working. >> we want to be here for passenger autos a spokesperson was not available but all hav
francisco. it's awful to watch. abc 7 news joins with us that story that is where this happened. >> first, police wanted to capture this guy. that is a video you said made people so angry, those who knew the suspect. police tell us they provided the leads that resulted in areceipt. abc 7 news learned he was out on grand theft charges when arrested. take a look at the security camera video. the brutal attack, violent kick that left a female victim unconscious. this after a group of four, five robbers took her purse, then knocked her to the ground. police say this is a 23-year-old man who cold bloodedly delivered the kid. >> it happened on pride weekend. june 30th just and people were leaving bars and parties. the 28-year-old walking on market when she was robbed. hear salient dz not know that the attack was captured on camera. police say they were able to identify the are. a 22-year-old and the most violent was still missing. police released a video. those who knew the suspect and leads began to come in. >> any time you can see a robbery like that, it's really, it's disturbing when you see
been my child. >> mom also told us that before this happened she was going to take little hunter are to a wrestling match they had tickets last evening. now tomorrow, animal control will be here to continue with this investigation. i'm live in antioch, abc 7 news. >> a father from livermore did not enter a plea on charges he killed his infant son. sheriff detectives believe he shook the 6-month-old so hard the boy suffered brain damage last month. the baby died august 1. police say he tried to escape on thursday he remains in jail this engs police are in support of a support fund she was shot and killed last month when aning the door at her uncle's house. two of her friends and their grandmother were wounded. if you'd like to help you can drop off a check to oakland city center or any wells fargo. >> a woman facing charges for impersonating a nurse at one of the bay area's biggest hospitals. the sheriff deputy as rested crystal cook friday. investigators believe cook wore scrubs and a phony id badge. nofdz yet cook entered secured areas or treated patients. other hospitals have b
. there is risk to us. keeping people on the old bridge. >> now, official between august 28th and september 3 bay bridge closes as switch over to the new span begins involving connecting work at both ends, paving, striping lanes. >> the bridge if you've been out there is done. the work is the cut in work at either end. everything in the middle is ready for traffic and will be. >> this return policeds a permanent fix of the bolts. it came on fast after the federal government and independent engineer as agree that had a series of temporary shims will render the bridge stable in an earthquake. and. >> existing bridge is one folks ought to be worried about. that is the one they should bt be trusting. and there is no contest between which is safer it you had won't be completely finished. the bike path will be tear f you're expecting a big opening ceremony, well, it's not any time soon they say they're going to cut a ribbon and get on with it. >> and to get the bridge open, the shut down will be long, five days and impact on businesses will be significant in many parts of the bay area. we're live now w
that is again hopefully a good sign people have gotten word to use the bridge early or not at all. >> it may be strikingly light there but it's heavy on approaches to the bridge.'í@au once you're on it, things are looking good. this shows you conditions here on the bridge this is into san francisco right now. so heather just mentioned eedz easy, breezy when you can see traffic continuing to move nicely f you're on the streets of san francisco trying to make your way towards bay bridge it's going to take time. >> there is a lot to do to get ready for the big bay bridge transition we want to give you some live looks now we've continued our cell 7 technology video. beautiful new eastern span going to make history. abc 7 news joins us live now. allen? 50 yeah. broken materials here in pleasanton is -- supplying asphalt for the nur bridge. elevateors behind me going to take clouds of rocks and expand mix it to create the asphalt. from here, it's a 37 mile wide down what is expected to be a very congested route. hundreds of tons of as fault. >> we want to get as much done before closure as we can
u.s. forest series says it may take two weeks to knock out. >> it's very hard for firefighters to get to. this is video from wuchbt california international guard bombers working to get control of the fire. this aerial assault is playing a key role its no safety zones tibl to turn at them. we're not going let that happen again. >> fierce winds are adding to their problems. the fast-growing blaze is behaving erratically. resources can't get here fast enough. >> it's rigs being management. you know? >> bill runs and built the lodge and one of an unknown anymore when had to leave quickly and just wants to-to-see if the labor of love still standing. >> with wood salaged from 19999 so, it's been a labor of love to build that. >> the fire spared it. guests were able to escape unscathed. at least nine structures were not so fortunate this, house is one of them. 2500 homes and bilgds remain threatened. not far, gusts pushed 50 to 100 foot flames aconsiders a command post forcing crews to evacuate. similar stories of safety in jeopardy on repeated throughout the area. >> it's right ther
. using our cell 7 technology on the road, again, highway 101 south and the bridge seem to be hardest hit areas tonight. you can see our drivers are just getting on to 92. it's been like athat for hours. >> just keep your patience, hopefully this will take your cap. now, checking in for the impact on the evening commute. >> good afternoon, everybody, it's going to be a 25-30 minute commute just to head into that direction. out of foster city. and into hayward. looking into this drive. top stop and go, it's go tyke an hour to head out of san francisco just to get to highway 9 so very busynwqhu conditions out there. this is once you get to the hayward side more space making it into the eastbound direction but still, slow. taking another look outside this is going to be the golden gate there. take a look at the strickof cars. it's bumper to bumper over to the marin county side z now, taking another live shot this is going to be mill valley. redwood hay hae continuing away from the bridge. you can see the drive is a beautiful driver, however, packed and going to be an hour and a half to get y
. >> the director off camera told us that he thinks these talks are more contentious than nose 1997. if there is a strike anyone expecting a short resolution he says he's heard it would be two weeks. first week is when public would crucify unions second week hating everyone except then works run out of money. in oakland abc 7 news. >> heather, thank you. now thousands of bart riders caught in the milleddel of the labor zpu. a labor rally is just getting underway. nick you smoke spoek to some riders today. >> i'm going to tell you i've heard people who are already ready to put workers up on that proverbial cross. 100 workers representing various unions, here for a rally. at 6:00 they're going to march down to the bart headquarters. i tell you theme was frustration it couldn't have been more clear they do not want another strike. >> pension is a big problem, right? >> well, it appears to be. bart workers gearing up to put brakes on service and riders not happy about it. >> i found bout that this morning and it was challenging. >> commuters say getting around is hard enough. >> this is
million apart. there is the number. abc 7 news joins us now live from oakland. bart ask unions went before a panel appointed by the governor to talk about hurdles to a deal. laura? >> that is the figure presented by bart this morning they're saying that is how far two sides are over four years. the unions want a three-year deal coming out and said they're about $56 million abart. they can tell there is a lot of disagreement in numbers either way, it appears both sides need to make significant movements to get a deal. >> we intend by the way to have the bay area rapid transit go go first because they requested the hear oogt governor's board began with bart's general manager telling the three-member panel the district's position on its stalled negotiation was unions. >> average bart employee makes 79,500s ndz salary. our benefit packagegdó[ costses $50,800 per employee, per year. >> among other claims the average train operator operates a train just four and a half hours per eight hours and the last strike caused commuters to waste 800,000 gallons per day. >> public health and safety conseq
. the first action under state of emergency instituted today. violence erupted. the military used force to clear out two areas occupied by supporters of mohammed morsi. a reporter was at the scene of one clash. >> there is a lot on fire there. there is very thick9=ó black smoke likely meant to try to confuse the helicopters and multiple helicopters circling above. >> morsi supporters include demonstrations last month. the violence prompted the vice president in egypt to resign saying the standoff could have been resolved peacefully. secretary of state kerry condemned violence. said it will not soflt ongoing conflict. >> today's events are deplorable running counter to egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion and democracy. >> secretary kerry says this is a pivotal moment for egypt and the violence dealt a serious blow to efforts to reach a compromise between the interim government and supporters. >> coming up more on unrest in egypt including the role this nation plays in international relations involving the united states. >> investigators now combing wreckage of a cargo jet that cr
estranged wife ask one survivor. brown told us he did not feel vindicated by foundings because he knew all along he did nothing wrong. >> stressful, and painful. >> it's been three months since he was at the wheel of the limb scene that burs into the flames killing five passengers. but now the california patrol is cleared the 47-year-old brown of criminal wrong doing brown had things to say. especially about dealing with all of the criticism of him. >> very disturbing, going through stress from the accident. so far this happen? it hurt. >> the investigation clearly points to a catastrophic failure in the rear us suspension system. since actions his life has been scrutinized. >> i was asking him help me, help me. >> one survivor claims the driver didn't enough to escape the inferno. brown's estranged wife claimed he was talking on the cell phone and playing loud music. the investigators found none was true. >> i knew i wasn't on the phone it's painful when have you to recur well maybe, did i call her five minutes before? 10 minutes before? >> he answered questions and was real and honest. a
to cost us money. we've cut. >> with the fire far from done there is a long range concern. one resident decided to evacuate. >> we're focused on making sure things like water quality goring to be mitigated we're going to make sure the forest is replanted. >> the president offered federal help. the governor says this morning they didn't need it but if they drks they'd take the president up on the offer. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> in hours the fire destroyed a get away berkeley families have been enjoying since 1922 this, is what remains of the camp that was evacuated. the staff was able to carry away documents and photographs. >> i went to family camp with my family every year this, is hard for our family personally. >> news is distressing. >> 3500 people visited every summer, some sharing memories on the camp's facebook page we have a link on our web site. and got word san jose family camp at yosemite closed for the season. >> a team from san francisco public utilities commission heading to hetch hetchy reservoir. the-to-see whether the rim fire damaged power
'd used an online dating service before. she works in sacramento. >> we are remaining optimistic she's being held someplace against her will but is safe. and that she will be rushed to us. >> her family and friends have posted flyers in her neighborhood there is a facebook page, find sandra coke. her friends don't think what she does for a living had anything to do with her disappearance. family and friends twoontd put up more flyers now, more family members are coming from back east. we're told her horj will travel from ohio tomorrow. >> okay. thank you very much. here is a number for the tip line the family and friends established today. there is also an e mail address. find sandra coke @ g >> develops nug nus on the amber alert for a suspected killer who may have kidnap aid teen-aged girl from san diegoy1 area. detectives believe james lee dimaggio may be armed with explosives and believe he may be traveling to canada with hannah anderson. a driver near seattle reported seeing a blue nissan versa matching dimaggio's. the body of her mother and an unidentified child foun
's cheryl johnings brings us inspiring stories of children attending camp arroya. and learn how the taylor family foundation is helping change their lives. >>> there is a mixed bag with the weather in the bay area. here's our meteorologist leigh glaser with all the details. >> leigh: we'll try to put this together for you. pretty simple forecast. it does include quite a bit of instability around the bay area. live doppler 7hd showing you the counterclockwise spin as the low sets up off the coast, and that's the big player in the next two or three days in terms of the forecast. the high sierra right now picking up isolated thunderstorms. south lake tahoe, moving in your direction, and blue canyon, but i want to show you the wide screen. here's the low, the counterclockwise spin, a little convection right there. and then check out the subtropical moisture feeding north toward our area, and as we get into tuesday and wednesday, all of this will slide a little closer to us. so that's why we have a chance of isolated thunderstorms in the forecast. we'll get to that in a moment. today
'll be looking but did say special equipment will be used for the investigation, they're treating the case as a missing persons case and that of a homicide. >> we want to make sure g is very, very thuro that skt sth key, thoroughness. >> her family started find baby with the hope she will be found alive. >> the 911 call has been released from a deadly domestic violence indisnent hayward from a week ago. a child made that desperate call to police saying her father was armed with a knife and trying to kill her mother. >> he's just yelling at her. >> just before 9:30 at night wednesday, august 14th an 11-year-old hayward girl called police to report her parents were fighting over the car keys. their screaming could be heard over the call. >> what kind of knife is it?. >> like one of the long ones. it's silver. >> she said her father had arrested before. the family has criticized police saying that simmons was unarmed and shouldn't have been shot. >> he's going stab my mom. >> he has the knife? >> yes. >> you can see him? >> yeah. >> please hurry police are still investigating and ar
.a.r.t. spice a 60-day cooling off period. >> good evening, and thank you for joining us, b.a.r.t. trains will be rolling tomorrow morning. both sides in the labor dispute are in contract talks right now in oakland. negotiations resumed shortly after the judge issued a 60-day cooling off period, pushing back any possibility of a strike. >> bay area commuters who make nearly half a million trip on b.a.r.t. each day are breathing a collective sigh now that a b.a.r.t. strike will not happen tonight. >> that's excellent news. i'm pretty sure the commuters well be happy. >> in a ware reekend a weekend hearing, the judge granted the request for a cooling off period so negotiations can continue while trains keep running. b.a.r.t. management and the unions remain at odds over wages, benefits and pensions. in statement. b.a.r.t. says, while we are glad there will be no labor-related service disruptions we regret an agreement has not been reached. the first contract expired june 30th and workers win on strike for four and a half days. both sides agreed to stepped the contract for one month and the
, anyone can get in and out of there. >> this u.s. forest service said today it's running out of money firing many wildfire this wildfire so more can keep coming. >> sandhya patel monitoring weather conditions on the fire lines and is here now with the latest. >> yes. it's dry there. it's warm there. we're watching fog near coast here, conditions near the fire 87 degrees now. 17% relative humidity so dry. winds calm now but a a.above the surface these are conditions could have gusty winds there. we'll have a quality warning for that area. smoky skies creating concern herex6tÑ and you can see the sme that is moving northward from the rim firey6e and here it s f you have plans to head up there, smoky skies expected up into the south lake tahoe area. i'll be back as we approach the changing weather. >> coming up another live report from front lines of the fire burn clogs to america's national treasure%=#t. you're going so see the last stand. >> now a two day crack down on transient sex offenders is underway. two dozen local, state and federal agents are taking part in the sexual assault
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